Industry Sessions (&)


Get Informed:

Get informed by memorable Industry Sessions keynotes from Creative Icons and Music Industry Senior Executives, who will expose attendees to the latest in Music Business & Industry developments.

Get Connected:

Get connected with New Media Executives, Program Directors, Record Labels, Radio Stations, Publishers, Music Distribution Companies, Producers, Music Executives, Publicists, Video Channels, Managers, Magazines, Booking Agents, Promoters, Artists, Music Retailers, Legal Services, Studios and much More.

Get Inspired:

Get inspired by experienced veterans in the business sharing their triumphs, and advice on what’s on the horizon in our ever evolving Music Industry and Music Business. Get a hands-on look (and feel) at creative industry winners and connect with them 1 on 1. The Key to success is networking.

Get Educated:

Get educated through seminars produced by leading experts in a multitude of creative Music Industries designed to raise your personal creative and business bar. Learn about the latest tools, tips and tricks, and resources available and get exposed to the latest music industry opportunities.